Studio Sessions and Workshops

Currently, I'm offering the following course:

Studio Painting Tuesdays
October5 - November 2
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

$550 (taxes in)

This is a  5 - week session. 
We meet once each week for five weeks.
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Course Description


Open to painters of all ages and experience levels. The Studio Session is your opportunity as an artist to explore the world of oil painting at your own pace. In this supportive environment, you can push yourself to try new things, learn new techniques, and attempt new paintings. I am on-hand to give critiques and guidance catered to your specific needs and goals. As well, I am painting with the group, demonstrating and discussing various aspects of oil painting. 


Ideally, we paint from life. This is what I practice and what I believe is the most meaningful. In this regard, the best subject for studying painting is the still life. (borrow from my small collection of still-life materials, or better yet provide your own.) However, participants are welcome to bring in their own inspirational material (a friend to sit for a portrait, sketches, landscape images, portrait photos, etc.) to paint from. For the time that you are here, the studio is your space to work on your projects. 




Studio painters should provide their own canvas. Painters are also welcome to provide their own paints, brushes etc. However, I have studio materials available free of charge (brushes, medium, palette, medium cups, easels, etc).


As well, my paints can be used for $5/day.


There is plenty of space for each participant to store their personal materials during the week. 


To sign up, make a suggestion, or ask a question, click the "contact" button below.

Payment can be made on the first day of attendance. Cash, check, and etransfer accepted. Taxes are included. 

Contact me here: SIGN UP